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Rossinca-Carden International STEAM Academy Preschool program offers a pleasant, purposeful atmosphere in which three- and four-year- old children are awakened to the joy of learning. Carden trained teachers offer constructive guidance, and are aware of the particular needs of each child.
Rossinca-Carden International STEAM Academy Preschool program utilizes a three-step learning process through which children experience, identify, and define the flowers, plants, and animals that fill the world around them. Teachers help the children’s vocabulary to grow by using adult vocabulary. Carefully selected literature promotes the development of a powerful vocabulary. Children will enjoy Ask Mr. Bear and Good Night Moon, among others. Listening to their teacher read short Carden stories such as Who Likes to Fly? will introduce young ones to rhythmic reading and questions to develop comprehension as they begin to read on their own.
Our teachers provide practical experience with numbers. Through the use of games, pictures, and colorful blocks, children come to understand the concept of whole numbers, and to experience addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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Rossinca-Carden International STEAM Academy has a fundamental commitment to provide instruction based on the philosophy and teaching techniques developed by Mae Carden. Our teachers help the students develop a genuine desire to read, write, speak, and listen accurately. They instill good work habits in their students, and the stamina to work productively.
At RCISA, the individuality of each and every student is respected. Such an atmosphere encourages students to respect the individuality of others. The Carden Curriculum emphasizes the interrelationship of the content of the subjects presented. It releases teaching time for a broadened curriculum because of the success students achieve in language arts. To ensure the quality of Carden instruction, our teachers attend regularly scheduled educational programs offered by the Carden Educational Foundation 

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RCISA's sensorial enrichment promotes and fine-tunes the development of the five senses in order to build distinction and discrimination. Our materials are designed to allow the child to work independently and thus promote self confidence. The sensorial curriculum strengthens the children's' comprehension and understanding of the material taught while utilizing their five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Children learn to discriminate size, color, weight, and texture.

Preschool_Goals Card IconPreschool GoalsTop of Page

  • Refine fine motor skills, coordination and movements
  • Build concentration, focus and control
  • Establish independence
  • Discover joy and self-confidence through everyday activities

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  • Trace and write in the standard form and direction
  • Recognize letters and their phonetics sounds
  • Identify the initial, medial and end sounds
  • Identify syllables and rhymes
  • Vocabulary expansion through matching:
    • letter to object
    • object to picture
    • object to object
  • Oral language development through exposure to different forms of literature

Mathematics Card IconMathematicsTop of Page

  • Provide practical experience with numbers.
  • Through the use of games, pictures, and colorful blocks:
    • Gain an understanding of the concept of whole numbers
    • Experience addition and subtraction, multiplication and division
  • Master the numbers 1-30 (recognition, order, and quantity)
  • Introduction to the decimal system (1, 10, 100)
  • Introduction to graphing
  • introduction to time (hour, half-hour)

Social_Studies Card IconSocial StudiesTop of Page

  • Geography - land and water formations
  • Continents and the different countries in them
  • Animals that belong in specific regions
  • The Earth: Our Home

Science Card IconScienceTop of Page

  • Seasons and their changes
  • Life cycles of plants and animals
Music, Art, Physical Education, and French are taught by our Special Subject teachers.

Preschool_Curriculum Card IconPreschool CurriculumTop of Page