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Carden Method

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To make the decision to provide a Carden education for your child, it is important to have an overview of what the Carden Method, developed by Mae Carden, is all about. The following is a brief overview of the philosophy and history behind our Carden curriculum.

Mae Carden developed the Carden Method for learning and opened Miss Carden’s School for Young Children in October of 1934 in New York. Her curriculum is designed for children beginning from the age of three and continuing through each grade, reinforcing and building upon the strengths gained by the student from the previous year. The Carden Method is specifically designed to help children develop their innate powers of analytical and organized thinking. Mae Carden believed that life and learning are enhanced by the ability to interconnect academic, social, and artistic skills through a strong foundation of knowledge sprinkled with humor and service. A strong basic in Mae Carden’s educational philosophy involves the Carden Standards of Living and the life pattern of Cause and Effect. In her book, “Let’s Bring Them Up Sensibly” Mae Carden describes this pattern as “the only way to assure the desired effect is to weigh life’s values, bear them in mind, act in accordance with them, and reap the rich reward.
In using Miss Carden’s philosophy of Cause and Effect in our school curriculum, we are working towards our goal of providing our students a foundation of knowledge along with the self-confidence and communication skills needed to share their gifts with the world.

Underlying all of Miss Carden’s writing and educational materials is the importance of giving children a joy for learning. As she wrote, “I want children to learn and to enjoy learning. Life is a joy, so should be learning."

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Exciting enrichment programs help make our school unique. Our diverse activities supplement our curriculum and provide further opportunities for personal growth and development. They include: 

  • Assemblies and performances to develop drama and public speaking skills. 
  • Weekly science labs and annual science fairs.

  • Student Council to develop leadership and service within the community.

After school clubs and classes include:

  • Zumba, Mind games, Music Lessons, Soccer
  • Languages: French, Spanish, Russian and more

  • STEM, Engineering, Chess Club and others